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Lion Life
The Staff
Beal, Laura  Counselor  District email is available for all staff listed here. 
Rosa Mendoza Counselor  The Format is:
Gutierrez, Martha  ELA - 7th  [email protected]
Quintana, Sally  ELA - 7th   
Aragon, Jana  ELA - 8th  Actual email links have been
Fletcher, Toni  ELA - 8th  removed to reduce SPAM email
Wells, Elizabeth  ELA - 8TH  received by staff.
Winemiller, Roxane  ELA - 8th   
Hirst, Sarah ELA - 8th   
Pritchard, Mary  ELA & SS   
Navigato, Michelle  ELA Intervention   
Hirst, Sarah ELA/Reading Special Education  
Cunningham, Stephanie  ELD - 7/8th   
Kimmell, Karen  Exploratory / Band   
Beasley, Todd  Exploratory / Computer   
Schumacher, Keith  Life Skills, AVID, Video-Production   
Cook, Libbern  Math - 7th   
Wisener, Susan  Math - 7th   
Brush, Naomi Math - 7th   
Long, Brian Math - 7th   
Lopez, Antonio  Math - 8th   
Cox, Anne  Math - 8th   
Parker, John  Math - 8th   
Stewart, Lucinda Math - 8th   
Brush, Naomi Math Special Education  
Berghorn, Robert  PE 7/8   
Lopez, Bernadette  PE 7/8   
Tso, Rory  PE 7/8   
Newkirk, Sara Sci/SS/Math Special Education  
Griffin, Jennifer  Science - 7th   
Veneman, Carol  Science - 7th   
Davis, Melissa  Science - 8th   
Sanchez, Linda  Science - 8th   
Ward, Mary  Science - 8th   
Fisher, Michelle  Science - 8th    
Phillips, Amber  SDC- Math   
Eccles, Wendy  Social Studies - 7th   
Monge, Rudy  Social Studies - 7th   
Rachel Weeks  Social Studies - 7th   
Holt, Julia  Social Studies - 7th    
Sanchez, Jorge  Social Studies - 8th   



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