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Greetings Parents!
Cindy Freeman, Principal MLMS
Iím so proud to be the Principal of such fine students and staff.  Mira Loma Middle School is definitely the place to be.  Our school motto is RESPECT, CONNECT, AND BELONG.  It illustrates our focus here at MLMS.  We highly value respect for self, others, and property.  We feel itís critical to connect our students to school in a variety of ways including seeing relevance in the academically rigorous curriculum in the classroom, providing engaging after school and evening activities and events, supporting students with counseling and conflict mediation when appropriate, rewarding and recognizing student achievements and improvements, and fostering positive relationships throughout our campus. 

To inspire that sense of belonging, we have organized our school into teams.  Each team has an ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies teacher.  These teachers share the same 140 students in order to effectively get to know students personally.  There are frequent team competitions and team t-shirts to encourage this sense of belonging and identity.  Teaming also makes a large school a small and personal community.  Our mission statement sums it all up:  Mira Loma Middle School values students as developing individuals in need of care, support, and opportunity in order to achieve academic excellence, reach their full potential, and expand their vision for the future.

Cindy Freeman, Principal


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